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• Lessons are usually 30 minutes duration, however longer/shorter lessons may be arranged.
• The teacher will advise you (when possible) of missed lessons.


• Daily time for practice (15 –20 minutes)


• The A.M.E.B. (Australian Music Examinations Board) and A.N.Z.C.A. (Australian and New Zealand Cultural Arts) are internationally recognised bodies that offer various exams in both instrumental music and music theory.
• While piano may be examined in formal, classical music style, piano or keyboard may also be examined in contemporary popular musical styles.
• Exams are optional, however, recommendations will be made to students (and their family in the case of children) when an exam would be appropriate. You can discuss the possibility of exams with the teacher. Exam enrolment, including fees, can be discussed with the teacher.


• Fees are to be paid in advance of the term. If you are a current student, the account for next term will be emailed during the last week of term.
• Your lesson time will be assigned to a new student if the account is not paid by the beginning of the first week prior to term commencement.
• Amendments to the account must not be made without consultation


• In order for a lesson to be made up (if time is available during the term), 24 hours notice is required for absences due to illness; one week’s notice is required for absences due to school excursions, school camps, etc. Students will receive an update by sms of available time slots for lessons.
• Any lessons missed due to teacher absence will be made up during the term or credited to the next account.


• Notice to discontinue must be given before end of term.
• No refunds will be given due to discontinuation of lessons.