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Testimonials From Parents -

Thank you Marc, for taking Charlie on a really fun journey, opening his curiosity and excitement to the world of piano. You have been gentle but firm with him and given him confidence to perform at his first recital in a low-key way, which was wonderful to witness.

The concert was great - really good to see how many kids are playing and where they are at with their learning. James does love playing - he never needs any encouragement to play - in fact, I have to put notices on the piano ‘No piano until 9 am ’ (on weekend … or 8am in the week as I have to think of our needs and the neighbours). Otherwise he's at it at 6.30am!! He enjoys seeing other kids doing the same pieces as he's doing, or what he has coming up in the book - whether this is competitive or not, I'm not sure. And he's always experimenting here at home with ‘variations’ on all the pieces!

Casper was so pleased with his performance at the concert and really enjoyed it as did we. It is great to see him succeed in mastering a song and has really boosted his confidence. Thanks for a great night.

I have really appreciated how you have been so patient with Saara, and have fostered her enjoyment of playing piano. It was great that you managed to have her decide that she would like to take part in the concert which I think was a great experience for her and for us. I like that it was so relaxed and informal, as well as the sense of community.

We were hoping to catch up with you after last night's concert to say thank you for teaching Hamish. He played really well and we are proud of his achievements and thank you for your contribution.

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